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Its been 3 years since I last blogged. Reading over those posts I realize what an awesome person I was then. Not so sure I’ve improved in that time though.

Anyway, blogging to me feels therapeutic as I get to put all my thoughts in one easily accessible place. Ideas, inventions, businesses and then who ever might see the blog can keep me accountable to my posts.

Idea coming up in the next blog post so I can keep track of it.


My New Job

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So I need a hobby, being poor in london is depressing because of the amount of things that you see that you cant afford to do.

I mean, if you are a poor redneck out in the sticks in west virginia at least then you can be blissfully ignorant about your pittiful bank balance. But in a city where every has a price, even the air you breath ( if you suffer from emphysema) i mean dong gone it billy bob it costs you to take a shit!

Like I have no problem sitting around and doing nothing when I have no money, but to consistently have it rubbed in my face that I cant afford anything in a city. Now that will eat at you, very insidiously, you wont even know its happening until you have lost alot of confidence because only if you do those cool things around you do you feel like a worthy person, making up excuses why you cant take a trip, or go on a night out make you feel like scum.

So yeah, its time to get a hobby

UP! by Pixar

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I was watching this beautiful video and thinking to myself, wow, I love animated movies because they dont fill you with false expectations about real life because you instanly recognise the film for what it is. Pure enjoyment.

Meanwhile in traditional movies, all these stereotypes that we view on a constant basis, shape our perceptions about how we interact and how we are supposed to interact with each other.

And Now… Drum Roll… A synopsis of every holly wood plot that ever existed….
Boy meets girl
Boy and girl have spark
Drama ensues
Girl about to leave boy
Boy realises his mistake and that she is the one
Boy performs grand gesture to rekindle the spark.
The live happily until the credits start rolling.

Now why is this wrong? its an awesome thing to think about and it creates seriously strong emotions in all of us but has that ever happened in true life, has someone ever had that incredible set of romanticized experiences without gagging, or choking on their own bile. I doubt it.

At least at pixar, you enjoy the film and appreciate it for exactly what it is… FANTASY. You dont wake up the next day and start placing excessive expectations on events and interactions and you certainly dont start thinking that grand, soppy, (giving your balls to a girl) gestures will endear you to her and get you into her pants.

I want my hot water bottle.

Finally Back online

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I am finally back online after my Computer Came down with a severe case of Computer Aids. For the week that I did not have my Computer though it was incredible how bored I was. We are way to reliant on Computers in our lives. But its unavoidable the Increase in productivity from using a Computer is actually insane. Actually it is totally out of the league of a person who does not have a computer.

So now I am back to my initial project, and no time is to soon as I recently quit my Job and am on to bigger and better things. Unfortunately one of the techniques that I was relying upon has been shut down. does not allow affiliates to earn referral income from paid searches linking to their website.

That is unlucky, but there are a smorgasbord of affiliate programs who do. So I am going to look into the other options. Such as Ebay, which apparently pays terrible commissions but as long as I can make some money it will be worth looking into.

Otherwise, time to get on board with Commission Junction and see how that is working out.

Chris Out

What is holding me back from an affiliate marketing income?

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The sequential steps that I need to tackle to launch my first campaign, get some funds rolling.

Which way should I go, which tactic should I follow?
Rich Jerks Tactics for making money online.
– Adsense arbitrage between Mivo and Google sense (Sounds illicit and very volatile)
– Wholesaling Goods on ebay… very time consuming and such but still viable, doesnt seem like he did any of these thing.

In the end what I really need is a website that i can sell from and that is easy, I must get it now.

What are the things that I can do in the next 24 hours to get my Dreamline on Track!

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Well, to refresh on the goals.
– Be making 800 pounds a month before I leave london
– Leave to visit Florinopolis
– Learn Spanish
– Learn hot to Surf

I need to visit a travel agent within London town to discuss the specifics of Floripa. I have some friends in Floripa that can put me up initially. For like the first two weeks. So getting housing wont be a problem. What I need to know is Visa requirements, The exact Cost involved, flight estimates, time changes, probable dates whether to book in advance. This will get me constantly thinking about this project and investing some time and energy in making it come true. So much more likely to succeed that way.

To make that kind of money from anywhere in the world. I need to put a system in place. Get the grunt work done now by Creating some awesome presell websites for products ranging from online ebooks to viagra and other high markup products with good commissions.

What steps do I need to take then to get this show on the road?
– Launch a website, any website. Having your own stake of internet real estate is the way to start out because all of the affiliate marketing websites (Notable Exception: Clickbank) will ask you what your website is to ascertain whether you are a worthy cause and allow you to sell there products

– Do an adwords campaign
— Get a product that is hot right now
— Join there highest converting affiliate program
— Copy an already succesful adwords campaign
— Test if it is profitable or not
The only way to succeed is to increase your rate of failure, and since i have not launched a campaign yet, I have not even failed which is pretty lame

– Practise tactics from Rich Jerk and Day Job killer.
Admittedly the Rich Jerk ebook has morally grey content I mean some of the business ideas that he used are practically like drug dealing. But that does not mean I am not willing to try. You need to break a few eggs to make an omlette.

My Goals

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As life has been ticking over in london of Late I can say that I have learnt a great deal of things. But here are my goals:

1) Be in Florinopolis starting October
2) Be making income of around 800 pounds a month from my activities as an affiliate marketer

How am I going to achieve these things:

My target daily income (TDI) to live in Floripa is around 40 pounds per day that I work, I think that if I stumble on some successful marketing trends that consistently turn a profit on google adwords then I will be able to analyze them and scale them so that even if one of my campaigns on Google brings in 30 pounds a month, I will just have to create another 29 campaigns just like it to turn a profit.

E.g. 30(Campaigns)*30pounds income after expenses = 900 pounds a month. A stellar income for a person living in a 3rd world country. And if I get greedy i can still increase the amount of campaigns that i have and increase the amount of money I subsequently make.

What I really have to focus on is automating this process so that I have all the issues sorted out in advance. For this I will use Tim Ferris’s Four Hour work week, which offers some invaluable advice about automating your life.

If I want to run a Affiliate campaign from Brazil, but have it based in London, I will need alot of Sophisticated tools to get that done and some compliance from people in the UK.

For example: Alot of affiliate programs only pay by check, this means that someone will have to cash the check for me, or deposit it into my account. Well I have a grandmother living in the South of UK, so I can change my billing address to her house and open up a bank account with her bank so that I dont add to her daily burden of activities. She can just take my check, whenever it arrives, and deposit it for me at her leisure in her bank.

I need to know what are the tax implications, wheter it would be beneficial for me to start a company and if I start a company should I register it in the UK, with its onerous tax burden or register it in a country that is more allowing like the Isle of Mann?

To details some of the techniques i will use to make money affiliate marketing you must read Rich Jerk and Day Job Killer. Day job killer being the more informative book with better advice i think. These tools will aid me in creating a sustainable river of income.

Let me know what you think about my plan