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I’m currently studying¬†Entrepreneurship for small business development (a short learning course at Varsity college) with the goal of writing a business plan which will be at a level that you could present to a financial institution or venture capitalist to get funding for your venture.

Recently we have been going over the requirements for your business plan. I’m going to write down a check list of all the things you should include in your business plan.¬†


General guidelines

  • Professional appearance
  • Short and to the point
  • Comprehensive
  • Logical
  • Realistic
  • Easy to read
  • Meticulously researched
  • Contains all necessary quotes and documentation

The recommended business plan format

  1. Front page
  2. Contents page
  3. Introduction of the business
  4. Profile of the business owners
  5. Product/Service details
  6. Start-up requirements
  7. Marketing plan and strategy
  8. Financial and administration plan and strategy
  9. Human resources plan and strategy
  10. Business plan conclusion
  11. Addenda, references, quotations

I will create a new post for each of the requirements. As each of them is of critical importance and is very difficult to execute on.

photo credit: internetsense


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