My Goal

I’ve decided that I want to make money online, in some form or another. Either by offering a product. Or by refferal income to other products. Or by creating a physical product and selling that.

The problem that I have realised is that there is a distinct difference between the knowledge I have and the knowledge I need to make it happen.

Right now my knowledge is at the point where I could make a blog like Eugene Hennie. He seems to be doing really cool things on his blog. For example he just launched a product called C-guard which is a collar guard to protect the collar of your shirt from dirt and staining. (this is for another post though)

Where I want my knowledge to be is at the point where I could make a blog like This is why I am Broke or Dude.. I want that!.

I spoke to the owner of This is why I am Broke in a private message on Reddit.

In response to my question of what skills and knowledge it required to make a site such as This is why I am broke he said

You should be well versed in general wordpress, HTML, PHP, css, and photoshop. The most valuable asset for me has always been Google – if I don’t know how to do something, I just Google search it and there’s always an article on how to go about it. It will just take persistence, and a desire to keep learning. You can also go onto youtube and find tons of great how-to videos on a huge variety of subjects – I learned php through the phpacademy youtube channel, for example

So those are the skills that I am going to spend time developing while I test out ideas for websites and businesses.

I am going to give myself a time frame. I have two years to develop a successful blog (successful in that it must be populated with lots of quality content and well developed) or else I’ll just go work in what I studied at university. Accounting :(


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