An Idea:

The founder of recently did an AMA on Reddit. Which I found very interesting.

Here is the link for anyone interested.

This site is such a great idea, with a perfect layout that maximizes user interaction. Its literally just an excuse to advertise products to customers. With the idea that what ever item the customer sees they will be entertained by it.

The site doesn’t try to sell boring items flat screen tv’s or computers or software. It brings you the newest most interesting items from around the web.

Some of the features that the founder said were integral to the success of the site are:

– Infinite scrolling

– Extremely polished product photos ( That instantly explains what the products function is)

– Occasional humour and sarcasm in descriptions

– The general emphasis on user experience as opposed to generating income.

The last one I think is a biggie, because most of the sites incomes come from affiliate income. Subsequently you would think that they would only choose products to list that supported affiliate programs like Amazon, Etsy or electronic stores. But many of the items listed don’t.

They meet the necessary criteria of being novel interesting items that other people may enjoy being exposed to.

So far I’ve discovered 3 other sites that have the same goal in mind.

Best Money I’ve ever spent

Shut up and take my money

Take my Paycheck

The concept is the same, none of these site’s actually hold the products they are advertising. They just sell the most interesting items to the best of their ability.

I don’t know if the market is saturated, maybe the English market is. This opportunity for a website is still available in other languages.

The founder says that now his site brings in over 6 figures every year, that’s over $100000.  Amazing. If I could generate $30 000 I would be amazed.

I love the site, and the idea. The more I think about it the more I want to start a similar site.


One Response to “An Idea:”

  1. I found another similar site called: It also shares similar goals, but i like the layout on this one a bit better.

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