My New Job

So I need a hobby, being poor in london is depressing because of the amount of things that you see that you cant afford to do.

I mean, if you are a poor redneck out in the sticks in west virginia at least then you can be blissfully ignorant about your pittiful bank balance. But in a city where every has a price, even the air you breath ( if you suffer from emphysema) i mean dong gone it billy bob it costs you to take a shit!

Like I have no problem sitting around and doing nothing when I have no money, but to consistently have it rubbed in my face that I cant afford anything in a city. Now that will eat at you, very insidiously, you wont even know its happening until you have lost alot of confidence because only if you do those cool things around you do you feel like a worthy person, making up excuses why you cant take a trip, or go on a night out make you feel like scum.

So yeah, its time to get a hobby


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