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My New Job

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So I need a hobby, being poor in london is depressing because of the amount of things that you see that you cant afford to do.

I mean, if you are a poor redneck out in the sticks in west virginia at least then you can be blissfully ignorant about your pittiful bank balance. But in a city where every has a price, even the air you breath ( if you suffer from emphysema) i mean dong gone it billy bob it costs you to take a shit!

Like I have no problem sitting around and doing nothing when I have no money, but to consistently have it rubbed in my face that I cant afford anything in a city. Now that will eat at you, very insidiously, you wont even know its happening until you have lost alot of confidence because only if you do those cool things around you do you feel like a worthy person, making up excuses why you cant take a trip, or go on a night out make you feel like scum.

So yeah, its time to get a hobby


UP! by Pixar

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I was watching this beautiful video and thinking to myself, wow, I love animated movies because they dont fill you with false expectations about real life because you instanly recognise the film for what it is. Pure enjoyment.

Meanwhile in traditional movies, all these stereotypes that we view on a constant basis, shape our perceptions about how we interact and how we are supposed to interact with each other.

And Now… Drum Roll… A synopsis of every holly wood plot that ever existed….
Boy meets girl
Boy and girl have spark
Drama ensues
Girl about to leave boy
Boy realises his mistake and that she is the one
Boy performs grand gesture to rekindle the spark.
The live happily until the credits start rolling.

Now why is this wrong? its an awesome thing to think about and it creates seriously strong emotions in all of us but has that ever happened in true life, has someone ever had that incredible set of romanticized experiences without gagging, or choking on their own bile. I doubt it.

At least at pixar, you enjoy the film and appreciate it for exactly what it is… FANTASY. You dont wake up the next day and start placing excessive expectations on events and interactions and you certainly dont start thinking that grand, soppy, (giving your balls to a girl) gestures will endear you to her and get you into her pants.

I want my hot water bottle.