Finally Back online

I am finally back online after my Computer Came down with a severe case of Computer Aids. For the week that I did not have my Computer though it was incredible how bored I was. We are way to reliant on Computers in our lives. But its unavoidable the Increase in productivity from using a Computer is actually insane. Actually it is totally out of the league of a person who does not have a computer.

So now I am back to my initial project, and no time is to soon as I recently quit my Job and am on to bigger and better things. Unfortunately one of the techniques that I was relying upon has been shut down. does not allow affiliates to earn referral income from paid searches linking to their website.

That is unlucky, but there are a smorgasbord of affiliate programs who do. So I am going to look into the other options. Such as Ebay, which apparently pays terrible commissions but as long as I can make some money it will be worth looking into.

Otherwise, time to get on board with Commission Junction and see how that is working out.

Chris Out


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