What are the things that I can do in the next 24 hours to get my Dreamline on Track!

Well, to refresh on the goals.
– Be making 800 pounds a month before I leave london
– Leave to visit Florinopolis
– Learn Spanish
– Learn hot to Surf

I need to visit a travel agent within London town to discuss the specifics of Floripa. I have some friends in Floripa that can put me up initially. For like the first two weeks. So getting housing wont be a problem. What I need to know is Visa requirements, The exact Cost involved, flight estimates, time changes, probable dates whether to book in advance. This will get me constantly thinking about this project and investing some time and energy in making it come true. So much more likely to succeed that way.

To make that kind of money from anywhere in the world. I need to put a system in place. Get the grunt work done now by Creating some awesome presell websites for products ranging from online ebooks to viagra and other high markup products with good commissions.

What steps do I need to take then to get this show on the road?
– Launch a website, any website. Having your own stake of internet real estate is the way to start out because all of the affiliate marketing websites (Notable Exception: Clickbank) will ask you what your website is to ascertain whether you are a worthy cause and allow you to sell there products

– Do an adwords campaign
— Get a product that is hot right now
— Join there highest converting affiliate program
— Copy an already succesful adwords campaign
— Test if it is profitable or not
The only way to succeed is to increase your rate of failure, and since i have not launched a campaign yet, I have not even failed which is pretty lame

– Practise tactics from Rich Jerk and Day Job killer.
Admittedly the Rich Jerk ebook has morally grey content I mean some of the business ideas that he used are practically like drug dealing. But that does not mean I am not willing to try. You need to break a few eggs to make an omlette.


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