My Goals

As life has been ticking over in london of Late I can say that I have learnt a great deal of things. But here are my goals:

1) Be in Florinopolis starting October
2) Be making income of around 800 pounds a month from my activities as an affiliate marketer

How am I going to achieve these things:

My target daily income (TDI) to live in Floripa is around 40 pounds per day that I work, I think that if I stumble on some successful marketing trends that consistently turn a profit on google adwords then I will be able to analyze them and scale them so that even if one of my campaigns on Google brings in 30 pounds a month, I will just have to create another 29 campaigns just like it to turn a profit.

E.g. 30(Campaigns)*30pounds income after expenses = 900 pounds a month. A stellar income for a person living in a 3rd world country. And if I get greedy i can still increase the amount of campaigns that i have and increase the amount of money I subsequently make.

What I really have to focus on is automating this process so that I have all the issues sorted out in advance. For this I will use Tim Ferris’s Four Hour work week, which offers some invaluable advice about automating your life.

If I want to run a Affiliate campaign from Brazil, but have it based in London, I will need alot of Sophisticated tools to get that done and some compliance from people in the UK.

For example: Alot of affiliate programs only pay by check, this means that someone will have to cash the check for me, or deposit it into my account. Well I have a grandmother living in the South of UK, so I can change my billing address to her house and open up a bank account with her bank so that I dont add to her daily burden of activities. She can just take my check, whenever it arrives, and deposit it for me at her leisure in her bank.

I need to know what are the tax implications, wheter it would be beneficial for me to start a company and if I start a company should I register it in the UK, with its onerous tax burden or register it in a country that is more allowing like the Isle of Mann?

To details some of the techniques i will use to make money affiliate marketing you must read Rich Jerk and Day Job Killer. Day job killer being the more informative book with better advice i think. These tools will aid me in creating a sustainable river of income.

Let me know what you think about my plan


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