We Are Streaking

Thatswhat we all say right, we are streaking. Its time to figure out whether to streak or not to streak. To stay or two escape.

Im going to escape and so I have made some plans.

Currently, I am a londoner born into a seriously defunct society where everyone is constantly drinking. Its actually quite wierd once you focus on it and notice the incredible amount of drinking that takes place.

The purpose of this Blog:

In summary this blog is to document my last six months in London before I leave to Florinopolis. I have decided to automate my life and fully escape 9 to 5, live anywhere and join the new rich. I need to live my life on my terms. Filled with women, adventure, animals, escape. That is what I dream of and I will have it.

The place:

Florinopolis: A beautiful wedged shaped Island off the Coast of Brazil attached to the mainland by two massive high ways. I have only seen pictures of this area from google earth but it looks beautiful

Time Line:

I want to be leaving london in October. A years aniversary since the date that I arrived. I leave in october and Go for 3 months. So assuming i leave in Mid october that gives me Six months to reach a targetted online income of 800 pounds a month

Funding: How will I fund this expedition. We currently my expenses are in the region of 800 pounds/ month As a liberal estimate I guess that It will cost me a similar amount if not less to live in florinopolis due to the lower cost of living in south america.

What I have been researching online over the last few months is how to make money anywhere in the world. So have an internet based business with no products to speak of but just make money:

I have come to two ideas: Affiliate marketing using some interesting techniques written about in Day Job Killer, or come up with my own product that can be sold online. Great examples of muses would be Pigtones.com

Pigtones.com: which sells politically incorrect gprs voices takes roughly an hour a week of maintainence for the owner but he makes $20000 a month. That to me sounds so awesome that I actually just crapped my pants.

http://www.publicityhound.com: This lady Joan Stewart has made a plethora of electronic media that helps people to make a Publicity guide, get on mainstream media and get coverage. I cannot say good or bad any of the products are as I have never tried them but they do seem to full a need. With better advertising she could kick ass. A good affiliate oppourtunity there.

Coming up with a product has been hard. I know I want to do an information based product but still in the process of brainstorming.

And so in order to make a move I will start an affiliate program, using the techniques discussed in that book and in another book, Rich Jerk to make some money online from anywhere. Once i have the system for making money, then I can get in people, outsource to india all my needs for databasing, processing transactions, generating content and selling products. Hopefully that will make me tons of money.



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